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Lamastus Family Estates Auction Lot 1606

Coffee from the Renowned Lamastus Family Estates: A Centennial Legacy

Founded in 1918 by Robert Lamastus, the Lamastus Family Estates has flourished through generations, currently stewarded by his great grandson, Wilford. This esteemed lineage encompasses three distinct coffee farms nestled within the Panamanian Highlands:

  • Elida Estate: The cornerstone farm established by Robert Lamastus in 1918.
  • El Burro Estate: Once owned by Amado Boutet, Thatcher’s father-in-law.
  • Luito Geisha: A testament to the enduring legacy, established in 2014 by Thatcher’s son, Luito Lamastus.

Each estate is a testament to the diverse terrains and microclimates of the Panamanian Highlands, resulting in unique microenvironments that infuse every bean with unparalleled flavor and richness.

Our prized “Torre” lot, a multiple-time BOP champion, can be found amidst the mountainous contours of the Elida Estate. Blessed with optimal sunlight, the cherries from this lot are meticulously hand-washed, then Dark-Room dried under precise conditions of humidity and temperature. This exquisite batch began its resting phase on June 16th, 2023. Experience the Lamastus legacy in every cup.


Brewing Guide

Dripper: Origami small with cone filter
Water: 94℃, 125ppm
Coffee to water ratio: 15g coffee, 240g water
Grind size: 24 clix on Comandante C40

0:00 pour to 60g
0:45 pour to 180g

1:45 pour to 240g

2:20-2:45 end

Target TDS: 1.28-1.32

Flavor Notes

  • jasmine
  • yuzu
  • peach
  • silky body
Offering size – 50g
Washed w/ Dark Room Drying