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BlendIn Coffee Club is a specialty coffee shop and roastery in Houston, Texas. In addition to offering many selections of single origin coffee from all over the world, we strive to improve not only the coffee quality but also the coffee experience. Every coffee here is traceable to a specific coffee farm and BlendIn is closely involved in coffee planting, harvesting, and processing in the coffee farms to provide customers with the best tree-to-cup experience. We are also one of few coffee houses in Houston that roast their own beans in-store to ensure freshness.
BlendIn Coffee Club is one of a handful of facilities in all of North America that can offer all module classes certified by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), specifically, Sensory Skills, Green Coffee, Roasting, Barista Skills, and Brewing. Finishing the module classes will allow one to earn credits which can lead to a coffee diploma issued by SCA. Trainings will be provided to our eligible team members for free.
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We explore the globe to discover the finest coffees from diverse countries and landscapes. Our roastery consistently welcomes a new selection of single-origin coffees. Upon arrival at our headquarters, we meticulously roast, cup, and fine-tune the profiles to bring out all of the flavors, ensuring the best possible coffee experience.