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Pursuing the Perfect Cup

Our Mission

Tree-to-cup Experience

Our mission is to provide the best experience we can to every person along the coffee’s tree-to-cup adventure, from our customers to our employees, and finally to the individual farmers. Each coffee is traceable back to a specific country, region, farm, even a specific lot. The un-roasted coffee beans are evaluated before arriving at BlendIn, where they are roasted freshly in-store and brewed with love. If you have a question, please ask!

From our farming partners to you
From our farming partners to you

The Coffee Odyssey

Most people don’t think about the amount of time that goes into a single cup of coffee. Not just to brew the cup, but the entire process, from tree-to-cup. It literally takes years.

BlendIn Coffee Club Owner

Weihong Zhang

PhD in Biochemistry
Q Arabica Grader
Authorized SCA Trainer

Blendin Philosophy
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