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Aquacode Coffee Brewing Water

AQUACODE coffee brewing water is a 100% pure natural product developed to enhance the extraction of specialty coffee. It is made of deep-sea ionic minerals which are extracted from the deep-sea water below 700 meters in the Pacific Ocean. To ensure its natural characteristics, temperature vacuum concentration process is adopted and no artificial products are added. AQUACODE diluted with (refer to the dilution chart) distilled water (0 ppm) meets coffee brewing water quality standard of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in TDS, hardness and pH value. In 2019, AQUACODE became the designated water of Jianing Du (World Brewers Cup Champion 2019) in World Brewers Cup Competition. AQUACODE also became the official designated water for the Best of Panama Competition 2020. 

Directions (recommended dilution ratio): for brewed coffee, we recommend mixing 1 packet with 2 gallons of distilled water (0 ppm) and stir for 15 seconds.


  • Capacity: 6ml/pack*12 packs (liquid)


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