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Our Philosophy

Savor the Subtleties

Our Philosophy

I was born and raised in China. When I was young, I often wondered about what kind of life I wanted to live. Although I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do for a long time, I knew two things without doubt: I wanted to bring happiness and fulfillment to people while enjoying what I do. And I wanted to see the world.

In finding my answer, I came to the United States for my PhD in Biochemistry in the summer of 2009. In graduate school, I was drinking coffee every day in a coffee corner across the parking lot from my lab. At that time, coffee was simply a bitter energy drink for me until I participated in a coffee cupping event by chance. The coffees on the cupping table opened my eyes. I never thought coffee could be so tasteful and full of personality, from the bright floral tune to pleasant fruity flavor to chocolaty and nutty richness.

I started to learn about coffee.

As I learned to savor the subtleties in coffee, I found my life much more enjoyable in every aspect. I realized that great coffee can make people happy and coffee was the answer that I had been searching for. So after 7 years of scientific research, I left academia and founded BlendIn. I really want to provide the best coffee experience possible and to appreciate the little, beautiful and surprising details in coffee and of course, in life.

To ensure the quality of our coffee, I personally visit most of the coffee farms before purchasing. Living with the farmers, understanding their environment, and tasting the freshly harvested coffee is the best way to select the highest quality coffee. I also want to invite you to join us and taste our coffee candidates and help us make purchasing decisions.

My PhD advisor taught me to treat everything in life, not just research, with a scientific perspective. With a logical mind and a strong chemistry / physics background, I developed each coffee’s unique roasting profile to highlight its characteristics. All BlendIn coffee beans are roasted freshly in store. The brewing is also tightly controlled to meet Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)’s golden cup standard.

All in all, I want to provide the very best tree-to-cup coffee experience by controlling the quality all the way from the coffee trees to the cup in your hand.

Opening a coffee house doesn’t offer one the opportunity to see the world. Opening a coffee house that brings the world to its customers does. I have been enjoying traveling to many countries, seeing different cultures and people, tasting different coffees. Life is too short to drink bad coffee, let us start pursuing the best cup together.

BlendIn Coffee Club
Founder & Owner – Weihong Zhang

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