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We Won the Elida Aguacate Carbonic Maceration Lot

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    August 20th 2021

We are excited that we won the Elida Aguacate Carbonic Maceration lot with the price of $555.50/lb from the first Lamastus Family Estate private auction. The auction was an extraordinary success with a record breaking $4100/lb.

The Carbonic Maceration is a wine fermentation technique where CO2 gas permeates through the coffee cherry skin and begins to stimulate fermentation at an intracellular level. It results in a highly fruity and smooth cup with notes of hibiscus, rose, strawberry, blueberry and white grape. At BlendIn Coffee Club, we are dedicated to bring you the best coffee in the world. This lot will definitely offer you the most unforgettable coffee experience. We are also glad we could be a part of the auction that promotes innovation and quality improvement in the specialty coffee industry. Stay tuned for the release of this beautiful lot.
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