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Weihong won 3rd place in the 2020 US Brewers Cup Competition

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    February 28th 2020

After three days of intense competition in Orange County, Weihong won 3rd place in the 2020 US Brewers Cup Competition. We are super proud of him as this is his first year competing in the Brewers Cup Competition.

For the open service portion of the competition, Weihong brewed a geisha from Ninety Plus Geisha Estate. The geisha is produced by Finca Aroumar and processed by Ninety Plus Geisha Estate. This is a first time collaboration that happened in Panama where one producer processes the coffee cherries from another. This coffee is super complex with flavor notes ranging from floral to fruity to rum to cacao.

The brewing method Weihong used was the Origami Dripper with a flat bottom paper filter. The deep grooves and big hole at the bottom of the Origami Dripper help to maintain a fast flow rate and is able to extract a clean cup of coffee. The flat bottom paper filter makes the coffee bed thinner to help with even extraction.

Weihong also did a great job for compulsory service where all the competitors are given a mystery coffee and were tasked with brewing the best cup of coffee they can.

Since September, Weihong started to get prepare for this competition and first competed in the Preliminary in Austin and placed first to be able to move on to the Qualifier.

Preliminary, Austin TX

In January, Weihong competed in the Qualifier in Nashville and placed high enough to make it to the National Competition.

Qualifier, Nashville TN

Before going to Nationals, Weihong and the BlendIn team went on an origin trip to Ninety Plus Geisha Estate in Panama. They visited the beautiful farm of Ninety Plus and after cupping over 60 different coffees, Weihong found his dream coffee for the competition!

Origin trip to Ninety Plus Geisha Estate, Panama

During the five months between preliminary and the national competition, we witnessed the time Weihong spent on practicing and preparing and are very happy to see his success! We believe he will achieve even more success in the future.

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