The first Q Arabica Grader Course at BlendIn

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    November 9th 2018

The first Q Arabica Grader Course at BlendIn took place on October 23, 2018. Special thanks to Q Instructor Paul Kim for traveling from South Korea to Sugar Land, Tx., to host the very first Q Course in the greater Houston area.

The first three days were training and calibration with Paul. The students were given extensive training on how to utilize the SCAA cupping form, as well as several sensory training sessions. Throughout the training, each participant was able to gain a better understanding of the specific coffee language that Q Arabica graders use when evaluating coffee. During the first three days, the students had the opportunity to taste coffees from around the world that were categorized into four groups – Washed Milds, Natural, Asian and African coffees.

The last three days of the course were reserved for completing a total of twenty-two tests that included olfactory tests, sensory skills, organic acids matching pairs test, sample roast I.D. Skills, Green coffee, and roasted grading.

Paul is a very knowledgeable and inspirational Q instructor. We greatly appreciate the time and effort that he spent with everyone who took the course at BlendIn Coffee Club in their pursuit to become Q Arabica Graders.

Congratulations to all the students for passing the exams and becoming CQI certified Q Arabica Graders. All the hard work was paid off.  The first Q Arabica Course at BlendIn was a big success. We also learned a lot from hosting the Q course. Hope that we will host another Q course soon!


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