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Share the Story of Yemeni Coffee

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    April 2nd 2019

BlendIn has been serving Port of Mokha, one of the best coffees in the world since February 2018. We were honored to have Mokhtar Alkhanshali, the founder of Port of Mokha come all the way to BlendIn and share the story of Yemeni coffee this March.

Mokhtar brought these amazing coffees with flavor notes of green pepper, apricot and lots of spices for people to taste. Baristas at BlendIn were super excited to brew it.

We also brewed the Yemeni coffee we currently serve at BlendIn and the latest Yemeni coffee of this season which will be released in April for everyone to taste and experience.

Everyone was impressed by the Yemeni coffee. Customers described it as “so different from any other coffee they’ve had before”, and “we didn’t know coffee can taste like this”.

After the coffee tasting, Mokhtar told the story of Yemeni coffee to those in attendance. Mokhtar captivated the audience with how Port of Mokha began and the journey that it took him on. Everyone was immersed in the story behind the beans. “Coffee is a way of exploring and honoring not just the earth that produces it, but also the creativity of the people who grow it, harvest it, roast it and brew it.”

It was really a fun and exciting night at BlendIn. We would like to thank Mokhtar, the Risala Foundation and all of the people who come to join us. We could not make it a successful event without them!

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