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SCA Certified Courses March, 2018

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    March 19th 2018

We first announced our Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Certified classes in January, and we had even more people join us in the six-day adventure of specialty coffee this March.

The Coffee Skills Program (CSP) developed by SCA allows people to choose the education path that suits their interests and needs. The program consists of six different modules: Introduction to Coffee, and five specialist modules; Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills. Each of the specialist modules is available at three different levels, with points attached at every stage. You may choose the modules that fit your interests and needs. Once you have achieved 100 points, you will be awarded the SCA Coffee Skills Diploma.

The courses are designed for a variety of different people. Those who want to start working in the specialty coffee industry, those who currently work in the specialty coffee industry and want more education and even those who are just coffee lovers. At BlendIn, our owner Weihong Zhang (Authorized SCA Trainer, Q Arabic Grader & Ph.D. in Biochemistry)  is ready to share his coffee knowledge and experience with you.

Introduction To Coffee

Introduction to coffee is the first step in the long journey to coffee. This is a full-day (6-7 hours) course which will touch on every aspect of coffee, including coffee’s historical development, green beans, basics of sensory, brewing, roasting and barista skills. Did you know coffee is originally from Ethiopia, and a coffee bean is the seed inside a coffee cherry?

Explaining the coffee odyssey — from tree to cup

Coffee cupping — smelling the fragrance (dry smell) of coffee

Sensory Skills

Sensory skills introduces the basics of sensory analysis and explains how and why coffee professionals use the sensory analysis in the coffee industry. Training will also be focusing on identifying, describing and discriminating objectively aroma, taste, and body in coffees. SCA coffee cupping protocol and methodology will also be introduced in details.

Recognizing the five basic tastes — salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami

Le Nez du Cafe — 36 aromas of coffee

Barista Skills

Barista Skills is designed to introduce core barista skills to people with no previous barista experience. In addition to a theoretical understanding of coffee beans, menu and workplace management, students will get a lot of practice with the entire process of making espresso based beverages from start to finish. Some topics touched on include grinding, dosing & tamping, extracting & brewing, and milk techniques. It is always an exciting moment when you successfully make the first drink by yourself.

Introducing steamed milk with espresso

Beautiful heart


Brewing is to introduce core brewing skills and equipment to people with no previous brewing experience. Students should be able to grind and brew to the correct recipe to make a  great cup of coffee. Students will also be able to understand the differences between a correctly extracted, an over extracted and an under extracted brewed cup of coffee.

Brewing with V60

Brewing to hit the standard area in the brewing control chart

Testing brewed coffee on the TDS meter

Green Coffee

Green Coffee covers the key concepts surrounding green coffee from growing the plant, through processing, shipping and storage to arrival at a roastery. This course is ideally suited for people new to the coffee industry or those looking to gain an insight into the broad subject matter of green coffee. It includes an introduction to the basics of quality checks, coffee grading, and taste/flavor differences due to processing and varietals.

Testing the density & moisture content of green coffee beans

Sorting green coffee beans using different screen sizes

Four defects in coffee — grassy, leathery, musty, muddy


Roasting touches on core roasting skills and equipments to people with no previous roasting experience. Students will be first introduced to coffee roasting, roasting equipment, and common features and controls on drum roasters. Upon finishing the one-day class, they will be able to describe the various stages of roasting using all basic terminology.

Roasting on Diedrich Roaster

Checking the color of beans at different stages

Freshly Roasted coffee beans

After each one-day course, there will be a written and practical exam. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association. For those who take the SCA certified classes, not only is it a day full of learning, it is an adventure to explore the world of specialty coffee. We are your guide into the industry and we love having people join us on this coffee journey.


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