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Process coffee in Yunnan, China

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    January 27th 2019

We are excited to announce that BlendIn Coffee Club will soon be offering a NEW Single-Origin coffee from a region that we have not offered in our cafe, yet. This will be a Double Natural Fermentation coffee from the Yunnan Province of China. You may have never heard about coffees from Yunnan, but this is an emerging specialty coffee producing region that is sure to wow any coffee lover as they taste the unique flavor profile of this non-traditionally processed coffee.

As we source coffees from around the world to offer in the cafe, there are many things that are taken in to account when we go through the selection process. One of the most important criteria is that it needs to be of exceptional quality. This coffee exceeds that standard.

As with all of our coffees, this Double Natural has a unique story behind how we came to source this coffee from Lin Run farm in Pu’er.One year ago, in January of 2018, the owner of BlendIn Coffee Club, Weihong Zhang, and the General Manager, Aaron Atkinson, went on an origin trip to the Yunnan Province in China with the Roaster’s Guild and the Specialty Coffee Association. It was on this trip that they met the owner of Lin Run Coffee company, who was processing their coffee in a non-traditional way. They found that this coffee was one of the best that they had tasted during the entirety of the trip. Fast forward to January 2019, and we are proud to bring this coffee processed using the Double Natural Fermentation method to the United States and offer it in our cafe through a direct-trade partnership. 

Double Natural Fermentation Processing Method- this consists of sealing the coffee in bags for the first round of fermentation for three days right after being picked from the trees. For the second round of fermentation, the coffee cherries are then dried on raised beds until the moisture content drops below 12%. 

Along the way, Weihong and Aaron met a lot of great people in the coffee industry, made international connections, and were able to experience the specialty coffee production and quality that is coming from the Yunnan Province of China. We can not wait to share the coffee with you all when it arrives in late March in the United States. Make sure to stay tuned for the official release date! 

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