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Panama Geisha Flight Featuring Lamastus Family Estates

  • Address

    8410 Highway 90A, Bldg B, Sugar Land, TX 77478

  • Date / Time

    June 21st, 2021

This April, Weihong flew to Boquete, Panama and visited three farms ( Elida, El Burro and Luito) of @lamastusfamilyestates. He cupped over 30 samples with the 3rd generation producer Wildford Sr. and 4th generation producer Wilford Jr., and picked three geishas each processed differently, Elida Geisha Washed Torre, Luito Geisha Honey NY ASD and El Burro Geisha Natural ASD. We were able to launch a Panama Geisha Flight featuring the three awesome geisha coffees, each with a super unique cup profile and rare complexity. We really appreciate coffee farmers’ delicate work and producers’ creativity in processing so we are able to enjoy an amazing cup of geisha coffee.

We were super thrilled to have Wilford Sr. and Wilford Jr. come to help us launch our Panama Geisha Flight on June 21st at our Sugar Land location. They came all the way from Panama to connect with our customers who have been enjoying their coffee. It was a great experience for our customers to be able to taste the geisha coffee brewed by Wildford Jr. who is the 2019 & 2020 Panama Brewers Cup Champion, talk directly to the producers of these amazing coffees and learn the story behind them.




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