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Featuring Artist – Azalea Patricia Rodriguez

  • Address

    8410 Highway 90A, Building B, Sugar Land, TX 77478

  • Date / Time

    October 29th, 2017

We enjoy savoring the subtleties. BlendIn tastes in coffee, and artist observes in life. We love artists like Azalea Patricia Rodrigues, with sharp insights, reflecting from herself and resonating with her audiences. That’s why we designed a gallery space in BlendIn Coffee Club. We are happy to announce that our first seasonal art show by Azalea will start at our grand opening.

Azalea Patricia Rodriguez is an artist in Tempe, Arizona, currently working towards her BFA in drawing and BFA in photography. She regularly exhibits work throughout Arizona and has recently exhibited work at Art Intersection, Harry Wood Gallery, and Manifest Gallery in Ohio. She has also received awards from Arizona State University, a sponsorship from Derwent Pencil Company, and participated in an artist residency at the New York Academy of Art. Her work focuses on human relationships to material objects, human nature, identity, and self-discovery. Her primary subject in her work is herself and works in charcoal, alternative process photography, and digital photography.


Reflections in Terry Cloth  – Artist Statement

The perception that a woman spends more time in the bathroom than her male counterpart, whether it’s when showering or getting ready, is agreed upon by society. This idea that women feel the need to be in the bathroom and in front of the mirror for extended periods of time is used and exploited in pop culture. Films and television construct this image of the typical heterosexual woman as being self-consumed, preoccupied with appearance and therefore insecure. This behavior is supported and encouraged all around us.

While much of this time that women spend in the bathroom is spent grooming, this time is also filled by self-analysis, whether critical or not, and can be a time of reflection.  In this series of slightly larger than life self-portraits in a bathroom setting, I have presented myself in my most vulnerable state. Without the glamorization of makeup or the beautification of my hand, I confront the viewer before, during, and after my grooming routines, and face them unapologetically.

The expression of the figures is not to please the audience but to challenge. Is the figure beautiful? Or is the drawing of the figure beautiful? How do our standards for beauty change based on the subject in real life or when represented in art? How does this ritualistic behavior aid in our self-discovery? Does it? How much power are we giving those around us by feeding into these ideas? Or is it self-empowerment?


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