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Cupping at BlendIn

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    January 24th 2018

As a specialty coffee house, what we want to do is not only making nice coffee, but also getting more people involved in the world of specialty coffee, exploring more and experiencing more. That is why we decided to design a space especially for hosting coffee-related events in our shop. And it has been proved to be a great idea. We are glad that we can share our coffee knowledge and experience through public cupping events at BlendIn.

We have hosted 9 cupping events since our grand opening. Coffee cupping or coffee tasting is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. We normally select one day each week to host the free public cupping event, one session in the morning and the other in the afternoon. To ensure the great cupping experience, we set the capacity of each session to 10 people. Every time we launch new cupping events via Instagram and Facebook, spots fill up very quickly. We appreciate people’s passion for coffee and public cupping.

During each cupping session, our owner Weihong (SCA authorized trainer and Q-Arabic grader) first gives an introduction to the cupping protocols and some basic sensory knowledge.

For cupping part, what we cupping is not always the same. For the first a few weeks, what we cupping are all the 12 coffees served at BlendIn. The 12 coffees each has unique characteristics. People who come to the cupping can taste all the coffees at one time and pick up their favourite. We also cupped 10 different Colombian coffee from Colombia COE. In addition, as a few customers come in and ask for dark roasting which is not available at BlendIn, we roasted one kind of coffee bean to different levels and invited people to cup them, so that people can figure out the difference among various roasting levels.

Recently, we draw a map of Houston coffee roasters (not an exclusive list), collect their coffee and cupping. People who join the cupping is like doing a coffee crawl around Houston.

Different from professional cupping which requires people to keep silent, we encourage people to talk more during cupping at BlendIn. We talk about what we taste in the cup. There is not right or wrong. If we taste the certain flavor, it is there. We hope people to have fun while exploring more about specialty coffee.

Here we want to thank all the people who join us in the cupping events. Public cupping is an important part of BlendIn. We will continue our cupping events, and we are also planning some other coffee-related events. We hope BlendIn is not just a coffee shop, but a place where coffee-lovers gather, a real coffee club.

By the way, we now also offer private cupping. For more details, please email us at


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