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Brewing Training and Club Night with the 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion

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    September 3rd 2019

We were so excited to host Du JiaNing, the 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion at BlendIn Coffee Club for an intensive three-day brewing training followed by Club Night featuring a brewing competition. 

During the three-day brewing training, Du shared her experience and knowledge about brewing and competitions in the coffee industry. Her perseverance and passion for excellence, and attention to detail show through her teaching and we were all able to walk away having learned a great deal.

At our Club Night, we had Du give a brewing demonstration. We were able to watch her winning method of brewing coffee using the Origami brewer as well as taste an outstanding Ninety Plus coffee from Panama.

She shared a lot about brewing and was able to answer questions about her specific brewing techniques with everyone who came out to join us.

Following her demonstration and sharing session, we had a brewing competition featuring our MeiZi coffee from Yunnan. Competitors were given 15 minutes to brew their best cup of coffee for Du to grade. She shared her thoughts on each brew and was able to give specific feedback and advice to each person in the competition.

It was a fun night filled with good coffee that we were able to share with everyone who has a passion for coffee. We would like to thank Du JiaNing for being this year’s guest Champion. We all learned a great deal and are motivated to brew even better coffee for everyone who visits BlendIn.

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