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BlendIn Turned Three!

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    November 23rd 2020

BlendIn turned three this November! Thank you to everyone who joined us for our BlendIn Celebration Station event! We had a blast brewing coffee and sharing our knowledge with you all.

We set up 3 different stations outside for everyone to taste some great coffee. The first station was a Geisha flight tasting. We had 5 different geishas, including those from Ninety Plus Gesha Estate, Elida Estate, Gesha Village, La Palma & El Tucan, and El Fuerte. We were super excited to share these top-quality coffees and the story behind with people.

We also had a coffee processing station set up for people to experience the impact of processing on the flavor of the coffee. We brewed our MeiZi Double Natural and MeiZi Washed. This was the same coffee that had been processed two different ways. By tasting the two coffees side by side, people were able to tell the difference and see which one they preferred.

The third station was for people to experience different roasting levels using the same coffee. We roasted our Ethiopian Washed Bukissa coffee using three different roasting profiles – light, medium and dark. People were able to compare them by color, smell and taste. We also roasted a few small batches on our sample roaster to showcase these different profiles in action!

The event was a great success! Our mission has never changed. We love to provide the best experience we can to every person along the coffee’s tree-to-cup adventure, from our customers to our employees, and finally to the individual farmers. The support we have gotten from the community the past 3 years has been unbelievable! We couldn’t do what we love to do without all of you! We look forward to serving you great coffee for the years to come.

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