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Become a Q Arabica Grader

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    August 30th 2018

As the only SCA premier training campus in the Greater Houston Area, BlendIn Coffee Club is approved to host the Q Arabica Grader course. We are excited to announce our first Q Arabica course from October 23rd to 28th.

What is Q Arabica Grader?

If you are an experienced coffee drinker, you might hear about Q Arabica Grader. What is Q Arabica Grader? A Q Arabica Grader is an individual who is credentialed by the CQI (Coffee Quality Institution) to grade and score coffees utilizing standards developed by the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of American).

The Q Program under CQI aims at identifying quality coffee and bringing them to the market through a credible and verifiable system. A common standard for Arabica coffee has resulted in a universally shared language and an internationally accepted scoring system for discussing coffee quality.

To become a certified Q Arabica Grader, a student needs to take a Q Arabica Grader course and pass 22 tests. Below is the breakdown of the Q Arabica course. Passing all the 22 tests requires students to have the ability to cup and grade coffee accurately and consistently according to the SCAA standards and protocols. CQI will give the student who passes all the tests a license as a Q Arabica Grader. The license must be renewed every 3 years by attending a Q Arabica calibration.

About our Q Instructor

We are honored to have Q instructor Paul Kim to host our first Q Arabica Grader class and exam.

Paul Kim

  • CQI Q-Arabica/Robusta Instructor
  • Kim KilJin Coffee Lab, CEO
  • 2011~2013 Korean Barista Championship Judge
  • 2013 Angel in Us World GrandPrix Barista Championship Head Judge
  • 2014 Ethiopia Taste of Harvest International Judge
  • 2014 U.S.A Big Western Barista Championship Judge
  • 2014 Korean Barista Championship Consultant
  • 2015 Korean Master of Cupping Head Judge
  • 2016 World Aeropress Champion International Judge
  • 2017 Hollis Barista Championship Sensory Head Judge
  • 2016-18 China, Best of Yunnan Coffee Exchange International Judge

If you are interested in taking the Q course Oct 23 – Oct 28, please email us at to register.



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