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Share, Learn and Connect at Access

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    September 26th 2018

We were super excited to attend the first Barista Access event in Austin this September. Access is the new event by Barista Guild to help baristas in North America grow their career in coffee.  

There were a wide variety of interactive workshops focusing on different aspects of coffee. Baristas got to learn more about coffee fermentation, water chemistry, brewing, roasting, customer service, wholesale and much more. Access was also a great place to make friends and network with others in the coffee industry.

We were honored that our owner Weihong was invited to be the lead instructor of crafting seasonal espresso beverages. Here at BlendIn, Weihong organizes seasonal signature drink competitions to showcase the talent of our baristas. He was very excited to share his knowledge and experience with baristas at Access.

We brought two different beans to make espresso and seasonal espresso beverages for baristas to try. One is our Uganda coffee — The Nile, and the other is our Ethiopia coffee — Jasmine Blossom. The Nile is very chocolatey, nutty, with high sweetness and dense body while Jasmine Blossom is very fruity, with bright acidity.

Weihong also shared several innovative methods for baristas to adopt when crafting their seasonal beverages at their own cafe.


Flavor Pairing

Siphon Whipping

The workshop was filled with many hands-on activities that were fun to experiment with. There were several ingredients which baristas could use to make their own seasonal espresso beverages.

Baristas pulled shots, added ingredients, tasted, and shared with each other, then made improvements to create a delicious drink ready to be served! Everyone was so engaged and passionate about crafting their own drink.

During the two-day event, we learned a lot, met a lot of great coffee professionals, got to know industry insights & trends, and had a great time. We will keep active in the coffee community and hope to keep making contributions to make the coffee community even better!



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