Sensory Skills Intermediate

Course Date & Time

9:00 am, January 21st – 5:00 pm, January 22nd, 2019

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The SCA Sensory Intermediate is designed to enable the student to apply core concepts of sensory science to analyze aroma, taste, and body differences in coffee. Students will be introduced to various testing methods including triangle and in/out and they will progress in their calibration of the SCA cupping form. Students will examine basic requirements for developing a sensory program at their place of employment.

Course outline:

  1. How we perceive, analyze and interpret
    1. What is sensory analysis
    2. Why sensory is important in coffee
  2. Physiology and sensory attributes
    1. Physiology
    2. Taste and textures in the contet of coffee
    3. Assess positive and negative aromas in coffee
    4. Aromas and flavors in the context of coffee
    5. Coffee: Aromas, tastes and body
  3. Triangular Test
    1. Scope of application
    2. Definition and description
    3. Statistical analysis
    4. Alternative methods
  4. Running a cupping session and cupping form calibration
    1. What is cupping
    2. Key terminology
    3. How to use SCA cupping form
    4. SCA cupping form taxonomy
    5. Quality Scale
  5. Cupping Systems in Use
    1. Different cupping systems
    2. Different scoring forms
    3. Standard protocol and comminication
  6. How to set up sensory program in your business and sensory application
    1. Sensory panel
    2. Facilitating, preparing and tasting
    3. Best Practices
  7. Application advantage and limit of In/Out vs Descriptive for QC, NPD-Relation with analytical

Flavor Notes:

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If the cancellation is processed no later than 7 days prior to the course date, the full course fee will be refunded, minus a refund fee of $50.

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