Sensory Skills Foundation

Course Date & Time

10:00 am – 5:00 pm, December 18th, 2018

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The SCA Sensory Foundation course aims to expose and sensitize student on the notion of specialty vs non-specialty coffee. It introduces the basics of sensory analysis and explains how and why coffee professionals use the sensory analysis in the coffee industry. Training will also be focusing on identifying, describing and discriminating objectively aroma, taste, and body in coffees. SCA coffee cupping protocol and methodology will also be introduced in details.

Course outline:

  1. Theoretical principles:
    1. What is sensory analysis
    2. Why sensory is important in coffee
  2. Physiology and sensory attributes
    1. The anatomy of olfaction, gustation and taction
    2. Basic Tastes
    3. Basic aromas in coffee
  3. Identifying sensorial characteristics in coffee:
    1. Tastes and body in coffee
    2. Acidity in coffee
    3. Bitterness in coffee
    4. Aromas and flavors of coffee
    5. Communicating and language
  4. The cupping protocol
    1. What is cupping? The SCA cupping methodology and philosophy
    2. Key terminology — evaluating coffee like a pro

Flavor Notes:

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