Introduction to Coffee

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10:00 am – 4:00 pm, December 17th, 2018

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Introduction to coffee is your first step in your long journey to coffee. This is a full-day 6-7 hours course which will touch on every aspect of coffee, including

  1. Coffee’s historical development as a drink.
  2. What is specialty coffee?
    • To compare and experience difference between freshly brewed coffee vs. instant coffee.
    • To experience commercial grade coffee vs. specialty coffee.
  3. Understand the coffee beans.
    • From coffee botany to coffee species.
    • Compare two common coffee species Arabica and Robusta.
    • Geographical areas involved in growing coffee, tasting coffee from different regions.
    • Coffee processing method, and how they affect the flavor of coffee in the cup.
  4. The basics of sensory
    • The science behind how you get the flavor out of food and drink.
    • How to taste coffee.
  5. The basics of roasting
    • Understand the steps in roasting.
    • Understand the equipment.
    • Experience how different roasting level will affect flavor of coffee.
  6. Coffee freshness
  7. The basics of brewing
    • A range of different equipment and methods available to brew coffee.
    • The parameters of brewing.
  8. The basics of barista
    • Learn how to pull an espresso shot and how to make milk-based drinks.

Flavor Notes:

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