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From Sketch to Coffee Club

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    September 10th 2017

BlendIn Coffee Club is getting closer and closer to the grand opening. If you happened to drive by, you must notice that the coffee club is getting in good shape. Our talented designer Xuan Zhou single-handedly designed BlendIn. Though she has not been in the interior design field for a long time, Xuan has experienced many significant projects including Taco Bell restaurants and KFCs. Today let’s get to the scene and talk the design concept of BlendIn Coffee Club with the designer.

Designer Xuan Zhou

A: What is the design style or concept of BlendIn Coffee Club? How do you come up with the idea?

Xuan: When my husband Weihong come to me with the coffee club idea, he was excited and full of passion. I asked myself three questions:

Why do people open a coffee shop?  They want to share their experience about coffee to more people.

Why do people go to a coffee shop?  They want to enjoy a cup of coffee and hang out.

And why do people want to work at a coffee shop? They love coffee and people.

It is all funneled to one word: Coffee. I decided to design BlendIn in a way that people can experience coffee without any distractions.


A: What first impression do you hope to give your customers?

Xuan: BlendIn Coffee Club has a modern, sleek and minimalist style. We hope to show our customers that we are passionate about coffee and we care about making high-quality coffee. At the main entrance, we put a dedicated green coffee storage room and show case our unroasted beans. The unroasted green coffee beans are delicate, and we need to maintain the temperature and humidity to keep them fresh and full of flavor. We also have a wall full of freshly roasted coffee beans from all over the world. We hope to bring the world to our customers through specialty coffee.


A: What makes BlendIn Coffee Club different from other coffee houses in town?

Xuan: BlendIn Coffee Club is much more than a coffee house. BlendIn not only offers espresso based drinks such as cappuccino, latte, and mocha, we are also very excited about hand brewed crafted coffee. We have such a wide selection of the coffee, and we offer many different brewing methods at our slow bar. To match different coffees with different brewing methods is like an adventure in the coffee world. When I was designing the functional spaces, besides the coffee bar, we also have a coffee lab/training space, a roasting room, a green coffee storage, and a small gallery. Everyone can do so much more in BlendIn, and we are truly a great coffee club.

A: Why putting a gallery?

Xuan: I believe coffee itself is a form of art. At BlendIn we express ourselves through coffee, and we also want to support the artist to express themselves through their artwork. We decide to have a little gallery to support the artists. We are hosting seasonal art shows free of charge to the artists, and we encourage any artist who is interested in having their own solo show to reach out.

A: Any particular design element you want the customers to check out after the grand opening?

Xuan: In BlendIn, the collaborative center table is designed based on the structure of caffeine molecule. The table shows here it is all about coffee, and the caffeine is bringing people closer to each other. I love this piece.

At BlendIn, we are so excited to see the coffee club become real from just an idea and a concept. Here are some previews for our coffee club. Make sure to check us out and have a cup of coffee after our opening!

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