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    January 24th 2018

It has been two months since our grand opening! We have received much love and support from our customers and also the Houston coffee family. Thank you for stopping by, tasting our coffee and giving us words of encouragement. On January 15th, we got a chance to do a coffee crawl, and were able to visit some of the great coffee shops that Houston has to offer! This was our journey..

10:18 AM


Throughgood was our very first stop! For starters, let us just say, the cups were huge! We found this out shortly after giving their Slow Bar Barista a workout. A couple of V60’s and a Chemex later, we were very impressed! Add in a couple shots of espresso and our day was off to a great start. The atmosphere was very cozy and the Nitro Cold Brew on tap was an added bonus! If you’re in the Heights, be sure to check out this awesome shop.

10:52 AM


“Boomtown is a staple when in the Heights! We were educated between brewing on a V60/Kalita vs. a Phoenix on MODBar! Their Ethiopian Dumersa was a great offering as an espresso and as a pour over. Dean and Kyle took the time to make sure we were well taken care of during our visit” – Sergio G.

Kyle and Dean teaching us about the Phoenix brewer and what makes it so unique!

11:59 AM


“What do a turtle, sloth and snail have in common? They are Slowpokes! What an awesome coffee shop to step in to. We were greeted with paintings of their slowpokes hanging on the wall, in great outfits I might add. Not only does this shop offer coffee, but also beer, wine, and a great food menu. The doughnut grilled cheese was the highlight of my morning!” – Aaron A.

13:28 PM


“A 2nd Cup, this was more than a coffee shop, this was a coffee shop with a cause. Their mission is to raise awareness of human trafficking issues in Houston—and to develop resources that help create a second chance for survivors. It was great to see such an inviting place where people can gather, be a part of a community and fight for such a great cause. They also happen to serve really great coffee!”

Shopping for some coffee merch!

14:23 PM


“Our visit to Greenway in the plaza was a reminiscent moment for me as it was home to the first training and the initial start of my coffee career. We were greeted by Niccole and Emilee who served us great espresso and even allowed us to throw down behind the bar! Definitely one of our favorite spots!” – Sergio G.

The Cortado was outstanding! The caffeine overload was real at this point.

15:31 PM


”SouthSide Espresso, the final stop on our coffee filled day of crawling. Here, we enjoyed a coffee from Yemen that was brewed on the Chemex! The weather was great and we were able to enjoy the breeze while sipping on our coffee in their outdoor seating area. A great way to end the day.”

Catching up with some old friends!

It was a day filled with caffeine, fun and love! Coffee is the intermediary which brings people together. We are glad to be one member of the Houston coffee family. We never feel like we are competitors. We visit, communicate, encourage and learn from each other.

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